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If your roof has been affected by the elements, we can provide Storm Damage Repair for your home or business. We see a lot of roofs that have been damaged by hail, wind, severe rain or flying debris. If your roof has been punctured, or tiles or shingles have been lost, you don’t want to wait to get it fixed. The damage will only get worse with time, and if you call us as soon as the storm occurs, we will be much more likely to catch it before it seriously affects your property. We will perform a very thorough inspection to find all the areas it could be causing your structure harm and ensure we catch it all with our storm damage repair. Don’t wait, call us right away.

When a roof has been hit by hail, it is likely to have its tiles or shingles get broken or go missing, or start leaking, which is usually pretty evident. But did you know that the elements can cause serious damage to the underlayment of your roof without you noticing for some time? When the granules are scraped off of the shingles, the bottom layer becomes exposed, which can lead to further roof leaks and bigger problems. To you, it may look normal, or perhaps a bit lighter than the shingles used to. To us, it means your home will be in trouble very soon. If you’ve been hit by a storm, call us to get an inspection done for your roof, we’ll ensure no serious damage is going to occur to your home or business, and nip it in the bud if it is with emergency roof repair.

Storm Damage Repair for Roofs

Different types of roofs will react differently to hail and wind; we are able to handle each of them with our storm damage repair service.

Shingle roofs will sometimes need replacing after being affected by hail, due to their top granule layer being dinged away. Sometimes this isn’t immediately visible, but it can lead to bigger problems if not caught early on. Shingles also have a tendency to fly off in the wind, leaving the decking below vulnerable to damage from moisture, and potentially leaking.

Metal roofs can be dented from hail, and fasteners can loosen or begin to rust, which may lead to wind lifting up the panels and leaks occurring after a rain. We are able to do storm damage repair for metal roofs, so call us if you’re experiencing these symptoms.

Slate roofs or tile roofs can crack if struck by flying debris, a large or strong piece of hail, or even if someone walks on them carelessly. We will replace tiles as needed and further protect your roof.

If you need roof repair due to a storm or other natural disaster, frequently your insurance will cover it. Our team of roofers will handle that for you, including filling out and filing the forms so that you don’t have to worry about it. We know having a damaged home roof is traumatic enough, you don’t want to deal with additional paperwork on top of it. We’ll do most of the work on that ourselves to make it as easy as possible for you to deal with.

If you need storm damage repair for your roof, contact us. It will only get worse – catch it now!


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