Residential & Commercial Roofing Expert

Metal roofs are increasingly popular these days with residential roofing, due to their durability, long life and chic appearance. We can install, replace and repair metal roofs on homes with a number of styles. They’re renowned for their ability to withstand common problems such as many types of severe weather, and are also fireproof. If you’re interested in getting a metal roof installed on your home, contact us to get a free estimate. We will meet with you and go over all of your options with you, so you can make the best decision for your home. Call us today for a free estimate!

We are dedicated to giving you the best service possible by only using premium materials for all of our roofing, and the highest quality craftsmanship with our work. We even offer a five year warranty on our roof installations for any needed labor. We will make sure your roofing is handled correctly if you trust us to handle your home!

Home Metal Roofs

Metal roofs have a number of obvious advantages due to their extremely long lifespan of up to 50 years or more, their low-maintenance approach and their sleek appearance. They were once thought to be only for industrial properties, but they are quickly working their way into modern neighborhoods throughout the area.

We can install and replace:

  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs
  • Metal Roof Tiles
  • Metal Roof Shingles

Repair Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are susceptible to few attacks from the elements, but if yours has suffered damage from excessive winds, flying debris or the like, contact us to get it fixed. We repair metal roofs for any problems that do come up, whether your fasteners are loosening or a tree branch has fallen onto it, we can fix it.

One nice thing about metal roofs is that they rarely need to be repaired, as they hardly ever leak or cause problems, and even if they get hit by hail and dented, it can add to the “weathered” look of the metal tiles or shingles. Some of our customers even like the look of their metal roofs after being hit by hail, as it’s even more customized and textured than before, without being obvious as “damage.”

We use premium products from name brands in the industry like Tamko, CertainTeed, GAF and Owens Corning. If you are thinking of getting a metal roof for your home, we suggest calling us to get a free consultation so we can go over the available options with you. We’ll make sure you have all pertinent information before you make your final choice, so you will know what can work for your home, and what choices you have in the matter.

We repair, replace and install


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